Unique Cattle Ranch Experience

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Unique Cattle Ranch Experience

We’re off to Dickinson Cattle Ranch in Barnesville, Ohio for a unique ranch experience!

We will travel by bus across rugged Appalachian foot hill pastures and go where the cattle roam: up close and personal for guests!

Guests will be givin special cow-candy to hand-feed the cattle.

We will tour the ranch with a close-up viewing of more than 1,000 BueLingo cattle, Texas Longhorn cattle and African Watusi cattle herds. We will also experience a real rancher’s western cookout.

After touring the ranch you will have the opportunity to shop in the Head To Tail General Store, filled with Longhorn lean beef, beef sticks, and smoked snacks. 

Lunch and dinner included in your trip! 

Must be 16 or older.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Barnesville, OH

All-inclusive: $210


WALKING CODE #2 ACTIVE WALKING – but at your own pace. You must be able to participate without assistance/over uneven terrain ,in physical activities/climbing stairs/long periods of standing. Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair-accessible.

PICK UP LOCATION:Partners For Quality building – parking lot -250 Clever Rd. Robinson Twp.


COVID VACCINE: All guests must be fully vaccinated (COVID-19) to attend. A copy of your vaccine card must be turned into Exceptional Adventures before the trip and will be kept on file.

Exceptional Adventures Mini Adventures are groups smaller than 15 people. Transportation is provided using small 15 and 13 passenger vans.

All vans are sanitized before and after each trip.

All Guests must wear a mask / face shield during the trip, including van ride, except when eating/drinking.

All Exceptional Adventures volunteers & staff have been vaccinated (COVID-19) and will wear a mask during the trip.

All guests will be reminded to wash hands thought out the trip; hand sanitizer will be available.

Exceptional Adventures volunteers & staff will help guests with cleaning their hands when at all attractions, after touching high-contact spots.


Trip deposit / payment policy:

Unless prior installment payment arrangements have been made with Exceptional Adventures, the following registration deposit and final payment policy is strictly enforced by Exceptional Adventures:

Deposits - $25 registration deposit.
Final Payment - 21 days prior to departure for all tours .
Trips must be paid in full before the trip unless payment arrangements have been made in advance. Account balances 30 days past due are subject to a $10 late fee/month, 10% interest and collections.
Balances turned over to collections are subject to a $50 processing fee.

All guest medications must be pre-poured, meaning individual doses are in an envelope or other singular package with guest’s name, medication name, medication dosage and time to be taken indicated on package. For information on pre-poured medication packets, please visit your Pharmacist, or a website such as PillPack.com. (Request a copy of Exceptional Adventures’ Medication Policy for more information).

ALL cancellations must be in writing and sent to Exceptional Adventures (certified mail/fax/email). Please note: Voicemails left on answering machines are not acceptable. A follow-up phone call by the person/Agency submitting the cancellation is required to confirm the receipt of the written notice of cancellation. No-shows or cancellations less than 14 days before the trip are non-refundable. At times, substitutions (without penalty) may be made for individuals who have cancelled.


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