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Saturday, June 15, 2019


Saturday, June 15, 2019

We’re off to Dickinson Cattle Ranch in Barnesville, Ohio for a unique  ranch experience! 

We will travel by bus across rugged Appalachian foot hill pastures and go where the cattle roam: up close and personal for guests!

Guests may purchase special cow-candy to hand-feed the cast members when acquiring tickets.

Cameras and videos are welcomed and encouraged.

We will tour the ranch with a close up viewing of more than 1,000 BueLingo cattle, Texas Longhorn cattle and African Watusi cattle herds.

Real cowboys will conduct our tour and tell us about the different cattle and what it’s like to live on a real cattle ranch. 

We will also experience a real rancher’s western cookout. 

After touring the ranch you will have the opportunity to shop in the Head To Tail General Store, filled with Longhorn lean beef, beef sticks, and smoked snacks.

All inclusive fee: $169 Walking Code: # 1 (Must be 16 or older.)

This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

You must be able to walk stairs onto the ranch bus.

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