Saturday, October 28, 2017

One of the best ways to see the vibrant colors of autumn is by train! Today, we will experience the beauty of The Cuyahoga Valley National Park on board the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad! The park is a refuge for native plants and wildlife. The winding Cuyahoga River gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands. Along the way, a Park Ranger will point out animal life and FALL foliage from the train’s windows. After our train ride excursion, we will stop at Harry London Chocolates, Ohio’s largest chocolate factory store. A huge selection of regular and sugar-free candy will be available.


this tour is wheelchair accessible.  Limited wheelchair sheating is available.

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Leisurely Walking – walk at your own pace. This tour has no excessive walking.
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must be 16 or over
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